2014 Teach-Discover-Treat challenge

Cresset is proud to co-sponsor the 2014 Teach-Discover-Treat challenge.

The purpose of the Teach-Discover-Treat (TDT) initiative is to develop and disseminate computational workflows for drug discovery. As such, the competition puts a premium on reproducibility. Workflows submitted to TDT should utilize freely available software tools. In order to be evaluated, submissions should include a tutorial as well as all models, scripts, and other tools necessary to execute the workflow. There are four challenges:

Challenge 1 : Malaria High-throughput Screen
Challenge 2 : Discover new anti-Malaria compounds
Challenge 3 : CDPK1 Virtual Screening
Challenge 4 : Open Innovation

Competition winners will receive $500 plus $1000 help with travel to the ACS San Francisco, Fall 2014.

Further details along with the judging criteria and panel, important dates, notes for developers of commercial software, the awards and submission Package requirements can be found here …

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