ACS Prelude

We’re at the ACS in San Diego next week (come and meet us at booth #1430), here’s some of the talks that we are looking forward to….

  • Is it rude to start with our own talk? Tim is presenting Assessing the similarity of compound collections using molecular fields: Does it add value? on Thursday morning session in room 28E. Have you got your slides ready Tim?
  • Our friends over at Optibrium have a couple of talks, we will probably go to both but Auto-QSAR is an interesting trend at the moment so we will deifnitely see what Ed has to say in his talk on Thursday afternoon (rm 28E) entitled “Comprehensive comparison of automatically generated QSAR models of target potency”
  • There is whole track on de-novo design which seems to be coming back into favor. We’ve dabbled in this area too so we're sure to be keeping an eye on recent advances
  • We have also been looking at drugs with mutliple applications and targets and so Yu Zong Chen's talk on Sunday morning room 27E, “Drug Polypharmacology Prediction and Design” could be interesting
  • In a similar vain, Joshua Swamidass is talking on High accuracy polypharmacology models for large datasets which will pull us in
  • Given the anti-malarial focus of our Design a Molecule competition we will certain to be at the Scientists against Malaria talk by Hugo Gutiérrez-de-Terán
  • Finally, this could be the “not to miss” presentation of the meeting: Polypharmacology, drug repurposing and collaborative drug discovery: Shining light or flash in the pan? by Chris Lipinski

Have you got any recomendations for us? Leave them in the commments or come and see us in the exhibition hall, booth #1430

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