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Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Expands Sales Pipeline Potential 10 Fold through CambridgeSoft Alliance. FieldAlign and FieldTemplater Products Reach a Global Audience in Scistore.

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Expands Sales Pipeline Potential 10 Fold through CambridgeSoft Alliance FieldAlign and FieldTemplater Products Reach a Global Audience in Scistore

Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd (Cresset), announces that their recent distribution agreement with CambridgeSoft ©Corporation (Boston, MA) has led to a dramatic increase in the company’s sales pipeline. Under the terms of the agreement, CambridgeSoft sells Cresset’s powerful FieldAlign and FieldTemplater products using its direct, telesales and ecommerce channels. FieldAlign and FieldTemplater aredesigned for both molecular modelers and medicinal chemists who want to discover new drugs against a wide range of biological targets. The products enable scientists to determine important interactions between ligands and proteins and to efficiently prioritise compounds for biological evaluation.

“I believe that this partnership will enable Cresset to increase sales of FieldAlign and FieldTemplater this year. The interest that Cambridgesoft has generated in our products is very encouraging, and I look forward to more organisations using these tools to develop new medicines” said Bea Leigh, CEO, Cresset BioMolecular Discovery.

“We are excited to be able to provide Cresset’s innovative solutions to our established customer base,” said Michael G. Tomasic, President and Chief Executive Officer of CambridgeSoft. “By delivering FieldAlign and FieldTemplater to CambridgeSoft customers through established business channels, we will extend the reach of these valuable tools to a wider audience of scientists, and help them apply field technology to hit‐finding, lead‐switching, IP scanning, and portfolio management.”

Cresset is leveraging CambridgeSoft’s established sales and marketing infrastructure to enable their inspiring products to reach a larger chemistry market in a greater number of geographies. The initial CambridgeSoft campaigns promoting Cresset’s free one month evaluation of FieldAlign and FieldTemplater software have been very successful. Through a link in Cambridgesoft’s online, Cresset has seen the number of trial downloads increase 10 fold over the previous quarter swelling their sales pipeline. The marketing campaigns have garnered interest from chemists based in academia and industry located in America, Europe and Asia. Further promotions are planned.

CambridgeSoft will follow up the leads that its campaigns have generated through its multiple sales operations located in North America, Germany, France, United Kingdom, India and China. In addition to direct sales and telesales operations, Cresset’s products are also sold through CambridgeSoft’s ecommerce site


Cresset was founded to develop and market the basic scientific developments of XEDs and Fields made by Dr Andy Vinter whilst at Cambridge University and working as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. The company is backed by the Wellcome Trust and is located on BioPark Hertfordshire in Welwyn Garden City, just north of London and close to London’s airports.

Cresset’s expertise encompasses medicinal, synthetic, combinatorial, and physical chemistry combined with in‐depth computational skills in molecular modelling, QSAR and programming. The company provides collaborative discovery services to industry in addition to selling its software products directly.

For further information please contact:
Bea Leigh, CEO of Cresset‐BMD
Telephone: + 44 1707 356 120

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