FieldAlign v2.1 and FieldTemplater v2.2 Released

Cresset launch new versions of FieldAlign and FieldTemplater that include major enhancements in productivity and accuracy.

New features in the latest release of FieldAlign

The latest version of FieldAlign offers increased accuracy, higher information content and better integration. Highlights include:

  • Load or Paste reference structures as 2D drawings.
  • Use protein information to guide the alignments
  • Add a solvent surface to the protein to enable visualisation of alignments in the protein active site
  • View the full field around single or multiple ligands as a surface
  • View the reference molecule separately to database molecules
  • Export alignments to Spotfire or ChemDraw for Excel using csv and SMILES

New features in the latest release (v2.2.0) of FieldTemplater

FieldTemplater has been improved to offer greater flexibility, better results, and improved visualisation options. Highlights include:

  • Load a single file as a set of “isomers” and have them treated as a single molecule
  • View templates split into molecules allowing even easier comparison of results
  • View the field around a molecule or template as a surface allowing even more detailed comparisons to be made
  • A new “Export visible” option enables integration with other applications by allowing you to simply export what you see

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