Help with writing your grant application

Don’t wait until you have funding to talk to Cresset Discovery Services about working together. We can help before you even start writing your grant application.

Our experience in helping write grant applications for academic and government funding shows that working together at the very start of a project reaps rewards. Being involved from the beginning gives all parties the flexibility to see exactly how and when we can make the maximum contribution to your research.

The University of Newcastle and Sygnature Discovery engaged our services from the earliest stages of an MRC funding application: this three-way collaboration involved writing the successful funding proposal together, ensuring the project used the strengths of each collaborator in the most efficient way.

When it comes to writing your application, we can give you as much help as you want. At a very minimum you will receive detailed scientific input, with descriptions of our methods, deliverables and estimates of time and cost.

Cost and benefit analysis of our methods compared to alternative approaches can also be provided. For example, virtual screening can be an incredibly cost effective way of finding a chemical starting point. We recently carried out ligand-protein docking for a customer as a virtual screen of available library compounds, leading to the selection and purchase of a small sub-set of the available compounds. Cresset Discovery Services helped the customer make an estimated five-fold saving over traditional HTS screening approaches without the pre-selection of likely hits.

Milestones, deliverables and reporting are part and parcel of grant funding. We will work with you on these, and of course we are happy to receive staged payments.

If you prefer, we can also contribute to the writing of the whole proposal. We can even work as a project manager to other collaborators. For example, we can manage your procurement process and work with CROs to outsource assays.

It can often help to have a third party, such as Cresset Discovery Services, bring expertise to your grant application. It will certainly reduce your workload!

Flexibility is key in how you engage our services. Contact us to find out how we can help with your next grant application.

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