Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 Nobel Chemistry Prize

Amongst the many theories attempting to explain the mechanism of GPCRs (those ubiquitous receptors that allow us to see, smell, digest, think, get hooked, run from danger and a thousand other vital actions) it appears that a single locking mechanism between an acid and a base within this massive protein is mostly responsible for converting the receptor from an active to an inactive form.

For the first time, the lock-opening action has been simulated by modeling with Cresset’s unique molecular mechanics force field, but not without the beautiful X-ray data supplied by Brian Kobilka, the latest scientist along with Robert Lefkowitz to win the 2012 Nobel Chemistry prize. Quality data gives quality answers; the contrary of which is all too often the case for modelers!

Congratulations Brian and Robert.

Andy Vinter
Chairman, Cresset

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