November and December 2014 newsletter

End of year message from CEO

As we near the end of the year Dr Robert Scoffin, Cresset’s CEO, looks back at how we have helped our customers deliver concrete results, the continued strengthening of the Cresset team and other key events. Read message.

Release of KNIME nodes V2.3 and Pipeline Pilot components V2.3

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest versions of our components for Pipeline Pilot and nodes for KNIME. These releases update our workflow components to include functionality in the latest version of Forge and Spark and are recommended for all users. Read more.

Providing new lead series and IP position and profile for delivering in-vivo activity

R&D is not an easy business. Real research invariably involves starts and stops, misassumptions, poor data and ill-defined targets. The resulting path is often convoluted, peppered with roadblocks and pitfalls and at best is a fairly untidy process. Dr Martin Slater, Cresset’s Director of Consulting Services, describes a real project, warts and all. Read the blog and full case study.

Keeping the right chemistry in compound procurement

What happens when virtual screening libraries meet the real world? Read Dr Martin Slater’s article in Outsourced Pharma.

Design a molecule competition

In response to much demand the Design a Molecule Competition will return for the 5th time. Team entries as well as individual entries will be allowed so start talking to your colleagues and thinking of a team name if you would like to enter a team. The competition will be announced in January, 2015.

Guiding Optimal Compound Design and Development: A One-day Symposium

This one-day scientific symposium, on March 19th, will feature presentations from organizations including: GSK, Novartis, Lilly OIDD, Pfizer, MCPHS and Broad Institute, covering: technologies that guide you to successful compound discovery and development; intuitive molecular design and 3D-QSAR interpretation and knowledge based toxicity prediction. Find out more and register free.

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