Torx® CEO end of year message 2023

Torx® Software has seen another fantastic year of growth with more customers, features, integrations, and team members joining us on our exciting journey to deliver an unrivalled DMTA platform for small molecule discovery chemistry. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to making Torx what it is today.

Nice to meet you!

Once again, I've been fortunate to meet with many of you in various settings, whether in person at conferences, onsite, or online. Your feedback helps drive the advance of Torx and I personally enjoy hearing how we are helping you accelerate your DMTA cycle with innovative ideas. Alongside this, we have been asking you a little more formally about your experiences with the platform and team. I am delighted to hear of the positive difference Torx continues to make to each and every customer - reflected in excellent CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter) scores - at a time when the investment community are asking us all to do more with the budgets and resources that we have.

A major step forward in Torx capabilities

In Spring 2023 we introduced Torx 2.0 – marking the culmination of extensive efforts across the platform, and which delivered major new capabilities to our customers. That trend has continued throughout the year and as I look at the platform today, I feel it has undergone significant improvements and enhancements over the version launched just two years ago. Perhaps the most notable is the work to enable you to quickly identify compounds that have stalled during synthesis or are causing bottlenecks. This has been achieved by introducing new 'Quick Filters' in Torx Make, together with even greater flexibility in the layout of information.

Torx quick filters

Communication is central to everything we do

As the only complete DMTA solution, we see the ability to easily integrate Torx with corporate and other third-party systems as vital to ensuring that you have the information that you need to make the best possible decisions or to progress quickly to the next phase of development. This was a key principle in the design of each module within the platform. However, this year has seen us formalise some of our integrations, with the announcements of collaborations with CAS SciFindern in Design and CDD Vault® across Design, Make, Test and Analyze. I look forward to this continuing in the year to come as we collaborate with other vendors and your internal development teams.

Lastly, it is easy to get distracted by the technical capabilities of Torx. However, we firmly believe that integration is more about people - how we can help teams work together, on-board new people, or communicate across multiple organizations more effectively. This has been and always will be central to Torx and I look forward to seeing the progress that we make, and more importantly, help you to make in the coming year.

Happy holidays and wishing you all a wonderful 2024,

Torx season's greetings 2023

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