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Why Cresset Discovery Services?

We help you remove obstacles, gain a fresh perspective, save time and money and improve discovery performance

Experts with extensive industry experience

A research team with an excellent track record. We have completed over 300 contract research projects with many of the global top pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and flavor and fragrance companies. Our CADD scientists are highly experienced in discovery research.

We propose methods that provide answers in the most intelligent and innovative way we can. Our scientists are excited by new challenges and by the synergistic nature of contract research. Every client brings a different approach, new science and a fresh way of working. Collaboration often sparks new and better methods and ideas.

Best of breed research tools

Solutions from across the industry are used so you can be assured that we will be using the best possible techniques for your field of interest. Cresset has access to the best of breed ligand-based and structure-based software tools. Cutting edge methods, that are not yet available commercially, are also used. At all times our goal is to provide the best possible methods to deliver outstanding results.

Collaborative approach

"When working on your project we become your scientific partner and share your goals and challenges. We will never try to sell you a task that will not help.

"Clients often need to deliver on project milestones so we make it our business to help you achieve them. We are happy to work on staged projects and to plan key milestones and deliverables in advance.

"Our discovery services are flexible. You work with us to create a service package that suits your needs, whether that be a matter of days or a long-term collaboration over years."

Demand driven resources

"In today’s increasingly pressed business environments you need to optimize the value of your research investment. By accessing our expertise where and when you need it you eliminate unnecessary overheads while obtaining a world class service.

"Use us as your long term CRO or to help navigate bottlenecks in your project."

Tax relief for French companies

Up to 30% tax relief for French companies outsourcing projects to Cresset Discovery Services.

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Discovery Services