Powerful software for molecule design

Excellent science is the foundation of our software. Cresset technology centers on the application of the XED force field to the design of new small molecule bioactive compounds. We integrate cutting edge approaches that we develop in-house with significant open source and commercial methods from trusted partners. This brings new insights for molecule design to computational, medicinal and synthetic chemists, and academics, across industries including pharmaceutical drug discovery, agrochemical, flavor and fragrance.

Using Cresset software, you get:

  • Meaningful computational results that inform laboratory decisions
  • Excellent scientific methods backed up by years of research
  • Innovative ways of moving into new chemical space
  • Easy to use software with wizard-driven experimental set-up
  • Support and scientific advice from experienced chemists.





New approaches for protein-ligand analysis and molecular design with Flare



Effective virtual screening optimized to return diverse new structures with Blaze



Discover new directions for your project using bioisosteres with Spark



Innovative protein-ligand docking with Lead Finder



Powerful ligand-focused suite for understanding SAR and design with Forge



Molecular design and SAR for medicinal and synthetic chemists with Torch

“Working with Cresset tools has helped me generate new ideas for my projects in various disease areas. The molecular visualization has made it easier to communicate my ideas to my experimental collaborators, both chemists and biologists.”

“I am delighted to recommend Cresset tools, especially, for drug discovery projects and projects involving detailed analysis of the data sets to get novel IP.”

 “The protein interaction potential capability [in Flare] highlighted common features across the family of targets of interest that we had not been able to visualize before. We used this information to drive ligand design into a direction we have not explored before.”

Cresset Discovery Services

Cresset Discovery Services provides flexible contract research solutions to suit your project requirements. If you’re short on time or resource, commission Cresset Discovery Services to evaluate software before purchase.