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Cresset Engine Broker

Speed up your experiments by running calculations on a remote server or cluster

Whether you use the graphical interface, the command line, or our components for KNIME® and Pipeline Pilot, Cresset Engine Broker will dramatically speed up your calculations.

The Cresset Engine Broker is a Linux® application that sits between client computers (Windows®, Linux or OS X®) running GUI or command line versions of Cresset’s applications and high performance computing resources such as a Linux cluster.

It receives calculation requests from Cresset applications and transfers them through to the HPC resources and uses a simple, configurable script to start resources and submit requests to queuing systems such as SGE or Platform LSF.

Installation and configuration is straight forward and fully supported by Cresset’s in-house experts to make upgrading your calculations painless.

Cresset Engine Broker is compatible with:

  • Forge™ for a richer, more informative approach to molecular design and structure-activity relationships
  • Spark™ to generate highly innovative ideas for your project to escape IP and toxicity traps
  • Flare™ to enhance your designs using new computational approaches to protein-ligand analysis

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