Escape prior art: Find accessible new chemical matter for your project

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Date and duration

Date: October 21st, 2020

Time: 1pm BST, 8am EDT

Duration: 45 minutes

Format: Webinar


In this webinar we will demonstrate how Spark™, our bioisostere replacement tool, generates novel chemical diversity for your project, escaping the boundaries of in-house or published prior art. You will learn how to use Spark to rapidly generate ideas for novel molecule cores and chemical series by means of scaffold hopping and fragment growing experiments, and see a sneak peek into the ‘docking in Spark’ functionality of the upcoming new release of the software.

About the presenter

Giovanna Tedesco-authorAfter graduating in Biology from the University of Padova, Giovanna spent 20 years at Glaxo/GlaxoWellcome/GSK as a computational chemist, with increasing responsibilities. As a senior computational chemist, she supported a variety of drug discovery programs in the antibacterial and CNS areas, and led target-to-lead CNS programs. More recently, she supported business development as a senior proposal driver at Aptuit. Giovanna joined Cresset in December 2014. She has responsibility for delivering Cresset desktop solutions for computational and medicinal chemists.

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