August 2012 Newsletter

Meet us in Philadelphia, Vienna and Berlin

Drop by the Cresset booth and meet with our experts at the ACS Fall Expo, EuroQSAR or EFMC-ISMC events. If you’d like to make a specific appointment to meet with us (we’ll be busy presenting throughout these events) contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.

ACS Fall Expo

Visit us on booth 409 at the ACS Fall Expo, Philadelphia 19-23 August. We’re presenting on:

> Computation Tools for Medicinal Chemists: Increasing the Dimensions of Drug Discovery

> Identifying Novel Bioisosteres

> Disruptive Technology for Chemical Patent Fortification

> Optimising your Leads for Potency AND Drug-Likeness – How to Have It All (at Optibrium’s StarDrop User Group and Workshop)

Times, locations and free registration code here…


We hope to see you at the following events in Europe:

> 26-30 August: EuroQSAR, Vienna, Austria Mark Mackey, our CSO, will be on booth 5 and presenting a poster on 3D QSAR Why be Square?

> 1-6 September: EFMC ISMC, Berlin, Germany Tim Cheeseright (Director of Products) and David Bardsley (Director of Sales), will be on booth 36 and presenting a poster on Rapid Technique for New Scaffold Generation.

Full details of all upcoming events here…

Virtual Screening with Forge

The release of Forge has enabled new workflows for desktop users. Find out about work we have undertaken as part of a grant from the UKs Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

Read about new desktop workflows here…

Forge 25% Offer Ends Soon

Our introductory offer of 25% of Forge, the powerful new computational suite to understand SAR and design, ends on 31 August.

Further details of introductory offer here…

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