Navigating unprecedented changes in the biotechnology and biochemistry sectors

At BIO 2023, I spoke to the Life Sciences Knowledge Hub about how Cresset are navigating the unprecedented changes in the biotechnology and biochemistry sectors.

In the video I discuss rising trends in the need for CADD software and contract research.

  • Making use of free energy methods which can accurately predict the efficacy of compounds
  • Applying AI approaches that can hugely speed up computations in key areas and reduce timelines
  • Adopting quantum computing to radically alter computation and to simulate systems that are much closer to reality
  • How academia and industry can join forces to drive healthcare innovation forward through collaborative drug discovery 
    • Active recruitment into the business to expand expertise
    • Sharing of ideas through multi-departmental collaboration
    • Method development via computational chemistry
    • Drug discovery and testing in a real-word situation

I'm proud to lead a company which offers unique, integrated solutions in support of molecule discovery, design and compound synthesis across the complete design-make-test-analyze (DMTA) cycle.

To find out more, watch the video below or contact us for access to our software platforms or a discussion with one of our molecular modeling experts.

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