Cresset Announces the Release of FieldStere V3.0

Welwyn Garden City, UK (1st Nov 2011) Cresset is pleased to announce the release of a new version of popular bioisostere replacement tool, FieldStere.  FieldStere is a fast and powerful software tool which uses Cresset’s innovative field-point technology, together with a database of molecular fragments, to help guide drug discovery projects and generate new intellectual property.  Version 3.0 includes impressive updates to the science and user interface, and constitutes the most significant scientific update to FieldStere since its introduction.

FieldStere V3.0 now enables researchers using fragment based drug discovery protocols to grow initial leads computationally, giving significant boosts to productivity and diversity. Importantly, FieldStere works both on projects operating with protein crystallography support and on those without these resources, an area currently under supplied with computational techniques. Unlike traditional pharmacophore approaches, FieldStere uses molecular interaction with proteins as a core descriptor rather than 2D structure, enabling diverse active molecules to be described as similar.

“This version of FieldStere introduces major enhancements to the fundamental science. The ability to grow from fragments to introduce and refashion interactions made by other molecules will add significantly to the computational arsenal of Fragment Based Drug Discovery researchers.” said Dr Mark Mackey, CSO of Cresset.

FieldStere V3.0 is available as a desktop application or command line interface on Linux, Windows and now also on Mac machines. Alternatively, FieldStere may be accessed through Cresset’s Professional Services Division. A free evaluation is available through the Cresset website.

To learn more about the new features in FieldStere V3.0, please see these video demonstrations, and read these case studies on chemotype-morphing and fragment

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