December 2012 Newsletter

December 2012 Newsletter

We complete the Cresset proV10 suite with the re-launch of the highly successful FieldScreen system as Blaze for ligand based virtual screening. Blaze uses the shape and electrostatic character of known ligands to rapidly search large chemical collections for molecules with similar properties, returning diverse new leads. This results in a powerful tool for patent fortification and compound reprofiling. 

Blaze is available as software for you to deploy in-house, or alternatively you can access it remotely as a dedicated Blaze instance running on Cresset’s compute farm. Blaze is also available through our scientific consulting and research services. Whichever way you use Blaze, we are confident it will add value to your project just as it has done in over 100 previous projects.

How Can Comp Chem Help Find New Drugs from Old?

Dr Robert Scoffin, Cresset’s CEO, explores how chemistry is being applied to the field of reprofiling. In this first article, he explains how computational chemistry can help find new drugs from old. Read the article.

What Makes a Great Consulting Project?

In the second in his series of blog posts, Dr Martin Slater, Director of Consulting, discusses the three key ingredients vital to the success of a consulting project. Read the article.

Comp Chem, Coal and Christmas π

Dr Rae Lawrence, Cresset’s account manager for North America West, in a bout of Christmas nostalgia, discusses how Cresset’s XED technology avoids the pitfalls of an electrostatic potential fitting approach to getting aromatic interactions suitably described within the force field. Read about how Cresset’s XED force field provides the key element to getting aromatic interactions calculated by molecular mechanics to behave correctly and reproduce experimentally observed results. Read the article.

Field Based Chemistry North America and Europe 2013

Next year we build on our established user group meeting format by introducing the following events. Further details will follow next month but note the dates in your diary now:

  • 14th May, Field Based Chemistry North America, Cambridge, MA.
  • 20th to 21st June, Field Based Chemistry Europe, Cambridge, UK.

CEO End of Year Message

2012 has been a time of consolidation and growth for Cresset. We sincerely hope that as we seek ever better understandings of molecular interactions Cresset will continue to make a real difference to your research. Read more.

Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO
Dr Robert Scoffin

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