December 2021 newsletter

CEO's end of year message 2021

Robert Scoffin, CEO, reviews 2021 - from our continued growth and scientific developments across software and discovery solutions.

Exploit water interactions in your ligand design GIST water analysis in Flare

Water molecules play a very important role in biochemical processes beyond acting as mere chemical solvents. Learn how GIST water analysis in Flare™ provides insights into the detailed energetics of water binding, to guide successful computer-aided molecule design.

Why do FEP yourself? The business case for
outsourcing FEP calculations Cresset Discovery FEP

The power of free energy perturbation (FEP) to effectively predict binding affinity and facilitate ligand design has been widely demonstrated. Cresset Discovery CADD scientists can work with your in-house team to provide the required computational chemistry expertise and infrastructure to set up and perform FEP calculations.

Webinar • January 26th 2022

Discovering a novel therapy for urinary tract infections through outsourcing in-silico drug discovery

Dr Ashraf Zarkan, University of Cambridge, presents his research into a novel therapy for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in collaboration with Cresset Discovery. Combining cutting-edge research with in-silico drug discovery expertise successfully identified a set of novel inhibitors and, in proof of concept, confirmed their ability to reduce pathogenicity in clinical strains of uropathogenic E.coli.

Registration is open.

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