F2G license Cresset’s Forge to complement successful consulting projects

Cambridge, UK – 8th April 2015 – Cresset, innovative provider of computational chemistry software and services, is pleased to announce that F2G, a UK biotech focusing on the discovery and development of novel compounds to treat life threatening fungal diseases, has chosen to license Cresset’s Forge software to help them develop the next generation of antifungal agents. Forge is a powerful ligand focused workbench for molecular design, SAR analysis, QSAR and more; Forge enables users to better understand the properties and activities of their existing molecules, and to design improved compounds.

“F2G have used Cresset’s consulting services for over two years,” says Dr Graham Sibley, Head of Chemistry at F2G. “Through the work presented to us I was particularly impressed with the data management and visualization within Forge, so the next step was for us to use it in-house. We will use Forge alongside our continuing consulting work with Cresset to aid in the development of our understanding of the SAR and design of future antifungal agents. Additionally, we will implement the 3D-QSAR functionality to create predictive models of the activity of our new design ideas. We really like the powerful combination of excellent software tools and molecular design expertise which we get from working with Cresset.”

“Working with F2G has been very rewarding, as their projects have required us to deploy a wide range of computational techniques, and it’s great that they have chosen to invest in Forge in order to use our technology in-house,” says Dr Martin Slater, Director of Consulting Services at Cresset. “In particular, having the common ground of Cresset’s Forge allows us to communicate very effectively on the novel ideas we are generating for them. I very much look forwards to working with F2G on future projects.”

3D molecule and data visualization in Forge
3D molecule and data visualization in Forge

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