May 2012 Newsletter

Introducing Forge: Power Computational Suite

We are delighted to announce the launch of Forge, the new computational workbench to understand SAR and the design of new molecules. It brings together all the functionality of FieldAlign and FieldTemplater with new capabilities and new scientific methods in one package.

Forge gives you control and insight into your activity data enabling you to plan the direction of your project with confidence. This new technology uses the shape and electrostatic character of your molecules to create qualitative and quantitative 3D models of activity that are visually stimulating and easy to communicate to your team.

What will Forge do for me?

Forge is a powerful new software suite designed especially for computational chemists. It will help you decipher complex SAR and communicate the results to team members, design better molecules based on predictions you can trust, prepare detailed pharmacophores, virtually screen 10 000 compounds on your desktop, generate ADME and off target activity profiles and lots more. 
Learn more about Forge here…

Forge Training

This FREE webinar is aimed at both medicinal and computational chemists.  It is the ideal opportunity for you to learn all about Forge from our scientific experts. There are a selection of webinar dates to choose from over the coming months so hopefully you’ll find a date to suit you, and once you’ve attended one webinar you can always register to attend another as a refresher and to ask further questions.

European User Group Meeting

In continuing our series of User Group Meetings we hope you will join us in Cambridge, UK on June 20th – 21st. There will be training sessions that are tailored to the needs of computational and medicinal chemists and will focus on Cresset’s exciting new and existing products. The scientific session includes presentations from Novartis, Heptares, and University of Hatfield amongst others as well as Cresset’s scientific experts.  This popular event always fills up, so ensure you register soon to secure a space.

The Design a Molecule Winner is…

Congratulations to Albert J Kooistra, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, VU University Amsterdam who is the winner of our 4th Design a Molecule Competition!  Albert’s molecule won thanks to its combination of simplicity, 2D dissimilarity from the template, fit to the protein pocket and (more subjectively) on its tractability and logP / TPSA profile.  We’d like to thank everyone who entered, and especially congratulate Albert and our other honorable mentions. Enjoy the iPad, Albert!
Read more about the winning molecule here.

What’s new with the website?

You’ve probably noticed that we made some major changes to the names of our products recently. We’re thrilled to introduce a new suite of Next Generation Chemistry Software. The suite encompasses five products: Forge, Torch, TorchLite, Blaze and Spark. This new product line up is designed to fit more closely with your computational & medicinal chemistry needs and we encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think.

Meet us to find out more

We are exhibiting and running free demos at the following events:

6-8 JuneStructure Based Design, Cambridge, MA.

20-21 JuneCresset European User Group Meeting, Cambridge, UK.

19-22 AugustACS National Exhibition and Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

26-30 August, EuroQSAR, Vienna, Austria

2-6 September, EFMC-ISMC 22nd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Berlin, Germany

Check out our other upcoming events.
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