November 2012 Newsletter

Modern discovery chemistry, whether in big pharma, biotech, academia or elsewhere, can benefit from the input provided by the various powerful software suites and computational chemistry techniques which are now readily available.

If you don’t have a computational chemistry team you may not want to go to the expense of hiring and training in-house computational chemists that you may not put to use full time. This is where Cresset’s scientific consulting and contract research services can help. Using our services is very cost effective; we bring expert scientific knowledge, experience and methods to bear on your project for maximum scientific return.

We can help you: generate innovative chemical starting points for your targets; optimize your lead series’ activity, ADME and toxicity; identify the binding mode of a target with/without a structure; understand the SAR of your compounds; hop between bioisosteric chemical scaffolds; and much more.

Whether you want to rent chemistry software, or rent the time of our computational chemistry experts, we have a solution for you. Outsourcing computational chemistry can play an important part in the drive to get maximum ROI on every R&D dollar spent, so contact us today to see how we can make a difference to your business.

Software as a Service

If you have strong computational chemistry expertise but lack our software and computing power, renting Cresset software on a per-project basis provides a flexible, secure, high value solution for a variety of projects.

The per-project usage has an added benefit for contract research organizations in that product usage becomes a consumable, which simplifies the process of billing clients.

Contact me about using software as a service.

20% Off Price of Service Days

Hire a Cresset computational chemist to work for you on a daily basis. Just purchase your days and call on us to work for you any time in the next 12 months.

Buy your flexible chemistry service days for 2013 by 21st December 2012 and save 20% off our typical daily rates.

Contact me about a quote for service days.

Chemistry Software Training

Ensure your medicinal and computational chemists are getting the most from Cresset software by arranging a training course either at your site, via the web, or at Cresset HQ. Attendees who successfully complete Cresset software training will receive a Certificate of Training.

Request details on Cresset training.

Do I need Torch or Forge?

Following the recent launch of Forge and Torch you will have noticed that the capabilities of FieldAlign have been distributed between both products. So, computational chemists can use all the features of Torch in Forge, whilst medicinal chemists need only work with Torch.

See how Torch integrates with Forge.

The Trend to Outsource Computational Chemistry

Dr Martin Slater, Director of Consulting
Read the first in my series of posts on the increasing trend to outsource computational chemistry, the advantages it delivers, and what the ingredients are for a good consulting project. Future posts will develop these themes to include: great people; great science; great communication and great business returns.


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