November 2021 newsletter

Building predictive QSAR models with Flare™ to Flare QSAR plotprioritize the best molecules 

Robust QSAR models enable computational and medicinal chemists to accurately predict the biological activity and ADMET properties of new compounds, saving time and resources in molecule design projects. Learn how to build multiple predictive models in Flare.

Streamlining collaboration and information deliveryWorking with Cresset Discovery and Torxof outsourced discovery projects

Cresset Discovery applies sophisticated computational methods and expertise to support companies working in drug discovery. Learn how our CADD scientists use Torx™ to capture and securely share ideas and project information with collaborators, to remove productivity bottlenecks and help to deliver better molecules.

Webinar • December 7th

Using Flare FEP to prioritize the best molecules in drug discovery

Learn how to make the right decisions, efficiently, to discovery the best molecules with Flare FEP (delivered as part of the Association of Molecular Modelers of Australasia Annual Conference). Regististration is open.

Seamless assay scheduling andTorx Test submit and manage assay requests 

Explore how Torx Test™ connects chemists and assay scientists through a centralized, web-based platform to streamline request submission, management and results delivery across biological, physico-chemical, ADME and other tests.

Webinar • December 8th

Inspire your next round of molecule design through insightful analysis

Make informed design decisions quickly by combining the linked 2D plots and 3D viewer of Torx Analyze™ with the extensive information sharing and 3D molecular design capabilities of Torx Design™. Registration is open.

Streamlining small molecule discovery with Torx

The ubiquitous Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle provides a cornerstone for drug discovery teams to consider and improve productivity. In his recent GEN article, Torx Software CEO, Tim Cheeseright, explains how Torx promotes effective team working and knowledge exchange to drive productivity and accelerate research progress.

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