Outstanding new 3D graphics in Spark 10.5.5

A new patch level release of Spark™, our scaffold hopping and bioisostere replacement application, is now available for download by all Spark users. Spark 10.5.5 includes considerable improvements to the look and feel, rendering and performance of the graphics of the 3D window.

Figure 1. Improved 3D graphics in Spark 10.5.5.

Spark 10.5.5 also includes a small number of additional improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved support for the configuration of proxy servers
  • Improved Spark start up times when using databases sitting in a remote location on a slow connection
  • Improved support for high-dpi displays
  • Fixed issue which caused the effect of the application of pharmacophore constraints to be overestimated in some circumstances
  • Fixed issue on macOS which prevented to dock back in the desired position any dock window moved outside of the main Spark interface
  • Fixed rare issue in the wizard where in some occasions the desired hydrogen atom could not be picked for replacement.

Download Spark 10.5.5

To ensure you benefit from the improved 3D graphics, and other improvements and bug fixes, keep an eye out for an email with download links and upgrade Spark at your earliest convenience.

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