CEO end of year message 2016


2016 has been a year of exciting developments for Cresset. We have been working hard on developing an outstanding new software tool for discovery, we have expanded our services offering and we have broadened our global network of customers and collaborators.

A new workbench for structure-based design

I am delighted to announce that our new workbench for structure-based design, will be released in 2017. The application offers outstanding 3D electrostatic and shape analysis of protein binding sites and is underpinned by the trusted and well validated XED force field.

It will be a significant addition to our range of software for discovery chemistry, and I am looking forward to seeing it in your hands and making a real difference to your projects.

Making the molecules that matter

In 2016 we are proud to say that Cresset Discovery Services has helped chemists to do less chemistry!

Our projects with multi-national corporations, small biotechs, academic and non-for profit groups and many more show time and again that the Cresset approach saves time and money by helping chemists to focus on the molecules that matter. There are three key elements to this:

  • Using modeling to maximize your knowledge of the protein-ligand system
  • Using virtual screening to rapidly assess chemical space to choose the subset that matters
  • Integrating this knowledge into the whole project, by working alongside project decision makers and medicinal chemists.

A second patent for Re-Pharm

In March, Re-Pharm was awarded its second patent for the anti-inflammatory, steroid-sparing properties we discovered in the re-purposed compound RP0217.

We already held a patent on its use for the treatment or prevention of respiratory and gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders. This second patent covered the use of RP0217 with and without co-formulated or co-administered steroids in topical ophthalmic indications. We look forward to the granting of similar US patents in 2017.

Welcome to the family

Over the year we have welcomed Mary Megan and Ken Stott to the development team, as well as Jay Lakhan to the sales team. Level 5 have been appointed as our distributors in Japan. We have also formed a new partnership with BioMolTech, the producers of the Lead Finder docking engine.

User Group Meeting in Cambridge, UK

In June 2017 I look forward to welcoming you to our global User Group Meeting in Cambridge, UK to share knowledge, ideas and successes.

Cresset was founded on the unique work of Dr Andy Vinter on the XED force field in the mid-1990s. At the 2017 UGM we will celebrate our 15th anniversary of trading as Cresset. Whether you are new to Cresset, or whether you have been with us from the beginning, I hope to see you there.


Thank you for your custom and support in 2016. We wish you a very happy and successful 2017.








Dr Robert Scoffin
CEO, Cresset

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