Countdown to Field Based Chemistry, Novartis, Cambridge, MA on May 14

We’re finalizing plans for Field Based Chemistry North America.

Workshop sessions are already fully booked but we’re running a waiting list so let us know if you’re interested and we’ll contact you in the event of a cancellation.

There is still space left to attend the scientific program which has the following great line up of speakers who will provide an informative day.

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Scientific Program

Upcoming features and future horizons

        Dr Mark Mackey, Chief Scientific Officer, Cresset

Ligand-based virtual screening: How can we do better?

    Rajeshri Karki, Novartis

Using field based chemistry methods to understand sequence-specific protein-DNA interactions

    Daniel Barr, Utica College

The trend to outsource computational chemistry

    Dr Martin Slater, Director of Consulting, Cresset

New drugs from old compounds

    Dr Robert Scoffin, Chief Executive Officer, Cresset

Drug hunts with sparkV10: case studies from the literature and current campaigns to develop immunokinase inhibitors

    Dr Alfred M Ajami, DCAM Pharma Inc.

Performance of XedEx and other conformational search algorithms on flexible scaffolds

    Dr Patrick McCarren, The Broad Institute

Identification of a novel inhibitor of HIV-1 entry using scaffold-hopping and bioisosteric replacement

    Dr Simon Cocklin, Drexel University

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