June 2017 newsletter

Flare release imminent: New insights for structure-based design

With the release of Flare imminent, Tim Cheeseright acknowledges the dedicated alpha and beta testers who have contributed to this exciting new application for structure-based design.

Molecular design towards Protein-Protein Interaction inhibitors

Martin Slater explores a powerful combination of cutting edge ligand and structure-based modeling using Flare and Blaze to see what could usefully be done with PPIs.

Using computational methods to elucidate protein-ligand interactions

Developing a robust binding hypothesis can lead to the discovery of new actives, broaden your optimization options, or help secure a back-up series. Cresset Discovery Services routinely uses homology modeling to move projects on to the next step.

Latest Spark reagent databases

The latest version of the Spark reagent databases is available now. Updated information on reagent availability from over 150 trusted suppliers can be downloaded using the Spark Database Updater. Contact us for other ways to keep up-to-date with Spark reagents.

Cresset applications licensed by Shiv Nadar University, India

Cresset supports teaching of computational chemistry though flexible software licenses and educational discounts. This month Shiv Nadar University, India, have licensed Forge and Spark to educate the computational chemists of the future.

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