Neotel awarded Cresset Distributor of the Year 2022-23

The Cresset distributor network promotes Cresset CADD software and CRO solutions in APAC. Neotel are the second recipients of this award, which was first made in 2021 to T&J Tech Cresset’s distributor in South Korea.
“Congratulations to Neotel Systems and Services for this award, in recognition of the growth of Cresset’s software business in India. Since 2015, the Cresset team has valued working with Neotel and, as with our other distributors, we consider them part of the Cresset global family. We look forward to continued growth in the India market,” said David Bardsley, Commercial Director, Cresset.

“I am thrilled that Neotel Systems and Services have received recognition for their exceptional distribution of Cresset software solutions. Their efforts have been instrumental in securing broader adoption and multiple research publications utilising Cresset’s ligand-based and structure-based molecule design solutions. We highly regard the efforts of all our distributors throughout India, South Korea, Japan, China, Australia, and New Zealand,” said Krishnakumar Muraleedharan, Head of APAC Sales.

“My colleague Yatindra Nath Yadav and I are delighted and encouraged by the recognition that Cresset has given us for our hard work with the academic vertical in India. We look forward to continuing our mission to ensure Cresset CADD software solutions are the preferred choice for Indian academic researchers,” said Manoranjan Singh Sidhu, Proprietor, Neotel.

DotY 1600 x 900

Left to right: Yatindra Nath Yadav and Manoranjan Singh Sidhu, Neotel; Krishnakumar Muraleedharan, Cresset.

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