Proximagen licenses Cresset’s computational tools for scaffold identification and bioisostere replacement

Cambridge, UK – 18th November 2014 – Cresset, innovative provider of computational chemistry software and services, is pleased to announce that Proximagen, a company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics for diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), has licensed Cresset’s Forge and Spark software. These applications provide extensive capabilities in SAR analysis, ligand-based molecular design and bioisosteric replacement.

“Proximagen has successfully used Cresset’s computational chemistry tools in the past to generate pharmacophores from known ligands and to identify novel chemical series by scaffold hopping,” says Dr Ed Savory, Deputy Head of Chemistry at Proximagen. “We will be using Spark to identify new drug scaffolds and to make bioisosteric core replacements. Both Spark and Forge are now important and valuable components of our drug discovery program.”

“We are delighted that Proximagen have chosen to further the collaboration with Cresset,” says Dr David Bardsley, Cresset’s Commercial Director. “Cresset’s continual striving for outstanding science delivered in usable software is translating into valuable results for our customers.”


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