September 2012 Newsletter


Spark, the next generation of our bioisostere software tool FieldStere is now available. This update provides powerful new capabilities including Cresset’s new XED3 force field, new clustering algorithms and access to ADMET and physicochemical property predictions on all results.

Use Spark to generate new IP from published structures or scaffold hopping from a compromised series. Applying Spark to a completed project will improve your patent definitions and reduce the chances of losing your privileged position to a competitors bioisostere. Find out about what’s new.

See Spark in Action

We offer free demos on all our products free of charge. To try Spark for yourself contact us. See the power of Spark in this recent poster.

FieldStere Customers

FieldStere customers are entitled to a FREE upgrade to Spark. We’re sure you’ll find some great new features so be sure to upgrade soon. Send me a Spark upgrade license.

Presentations and Posters

If you missed presentations and posters at ACS Fall, EuroQSAR and EFMC-ISMC you can find them here:

> Disruptive Technology for Chemical Patent Fortification
> Computational Tools for Medicinal Chemists
> Optimizing Your Leads for Potency AND Drug Likeness
> Finding Novel Bioisosteres
> 3D QSAR – Why be Square?
> Rapid Technique for New Scaffold Generation

See upcoming events.

In The News

> New Drugs from Old, Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, Autumn 2012
> Focused Library Design Using Forge, Genetic Engineering News, September 2012
> Independent Review of forgeV10 by Chris Swain, Macs in Chemistry, September 2012
> David Bardsley Appointed as Sales Director

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