BlazeGPU released

We are delighted to announce the release of BlazeGPU. This update to Blaze is available to all customers at no extra charge and includes all of the infrastructure needed to convert a standard blaze install to the GPU version.

Our 18 month project to convert our core algorithms to run in a GPU environment has achieved a fantastic 50 times speed up (see the graph on the BlazeGPU page). This massive increase in speed has been achieved without losing any accuracy; in fact BlazeGPU gives slightly better results than previous versions. Additionally, we have found that we get significant speed increases on consumer devices as well as high-performance accelerated devices.

BlazeGPU Speed Data

We are looking forward to using the new capabilities of BlazeGPU to investigate problems that we had not previously been able to look at. For example we have been looking at 3D molecular similarity in compound collections using our technology and are expecting to be able to increase the pace of this research with our new code.

BlazeGPU has enabled us to improve the throughput of projects using our Consulting and Software as a service offerings. We have invested in new hardware at a cost of only $2000 that effectively doubles the throughput of our 150 node Linux cluster. We are investigating the creation of a portable cluster that will be available for our clients to use on their premises. This ‘COW’ will be available to use on virtual screening campaigns by our clients shortly. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

We forward to bringing similar speed increases into our desktop applications in due course.

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