Dr Scoffin, Cresset CEO, chairs and presents at International Congress of Medichem, Nanjing, China, 16-19 November 2016

Cambridge, UK – 15th November 2016 – Cresset, innovative provider of software and contract services for small molecule discovery and design, is pleased to announce that this week, Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO, will chair the ‘Sym 203: Pioneering Screening Technologies for Lead Compounds’ session at the Annual Congress of Medichem in Nanjing, China. Dr Scoffin will also present an overview of virtual screening methods for drug discovery.

The virtual screening of molecules is a commonly used technique within pharmaceutical drug discovery, and has many applications including the selection of compounds for ‘wet screening’ and the design of novel libraries of compounds.

“Cresset is a market leader in virtual screening,” says Dr Scoffin. “Blaze is an effective ligand-based virtual screening platform used by pharmaceutical companies globally. Blaze is also used by Cresset Discovery Services who carry out virtual screening in many consultancy projects. I am looking forward to sharing the various methods employed within a virtual screening cascade, including 2D methods, 3D ligand-based methods and 3D structure-based methods, and describing how each of these contributes to the overall value of the virtual screening process.”

Dr Robert Scoffin

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