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Coming soon: New features in Flare™ V6Flare_logo-with-padding
ligand-based and structure-based platform

The Flare V6 release delivers new features, including enhanced 3D graphics and:

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Case study: Discovering a novel therapy for urinaryCollaborative work_Discovery-and-Summers-Group
tract infections through outsourcing in-silico drug discovery

Serious bacterial infections represent a worldwide threat, due mainly to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria for which there are limited therapies. Research from the University of Cambridge highlighted inhibition of an E. coli enzyme as a plausible route to reduce pathogenicity and increase effectiveness in UTIs.

The importance of medicinal chemistry expertiseEarly stages of the drug discovery process where Cresset Discovery excels
in outsourced discovery projects

In recent years, minimizing time-to-market has been prioritized above all else. When you choose to collaborate with Cresset Discovery, you get flexible access to a varied and experienced team, including medicinal and computational chemists, to accelerate your drug discovery projects.

Ignite™Ignite card

Ignite™ is a new technology to enable rapid 3D virtual screening in combinatorial chemical spaces. The Ignite 3D descriptor uses Cresset field technology which describes a molecule through its spatial extent of electrostatics and its shape for a given conformation. Apply Ignite to your project by outsourcing to Cresset Discovery.

June 16th • Andy Vinter Memorial MeetingAVMM-22-newsletter-with-padding

Hybrid: Virtual • Cambridge, UK

Last few places available for in-person attendance to celebrate the life and work of Andy Vinter, founder of Cresset. Places are still available for virtual attendance but must be booked in advance.


June 29th • Find new leads from peptides and natural ligands

Learn how to develop and implement an appropriate virtual screening strategy for complex target systems using Blaze™, directly, or through our comprehensive modeling platform, Flare

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July 14th • Pushing the boundaries of science and usability: New features in Flare V6

Learn about our latest developments coming in the Flare V6 release. 

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Senior Computational Chemistry Developer1200x627_open positions

Opportunity for a Senior Computational Chemistry Developer to assist in developing new scientific techniques and turning these into industry-leading easy-to-use
software products. 

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