Cresset Engine Broker released

We are delighted to announce the release of a new module, the Cresset Engine Broker (CEB). This utility allows you to quickly and easily make the power of your computing cluster available to Forge and Spark users on the desktop whether they are running Linux®, Windows® or OS X®.

  • Use hundreds of cores to process calculations from one Forge or Spark project
  • Submit calculations to queueing systems such as Grid Engine or Platform LSF
  • Connect the spare processing capacity of computers in your lab to your desktop
  • Seamlessly join Windows and Linux machines into a single processing pool
  • Run a large virtual screens in a few hours from your desktop.


Cresset’s tools have always had the capability to distribute their calculations remotely using our FieldEngine technology. The new CEB tool enhances this capability. It sits between the desktop application and existing FieldEngines and can also spawn new FieldEngine processes in response to demand. The result is a dynamically configured computing resource that is simple to set up and use and puts the power of a supercomputer on your desktop.

Contact us to find out more about how the CEB can accelerate your experiments giving you results in minutes instead of hours.

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