Virtual screening in the cloud with Blaze

Blaze Cloud lets you search millions of commercially available compounds through a web portal. Our new demo version lets you try this technology for free.

Virtual screening with Blaze is a very useful and popular method for generating new hits and leads at the start of projects. Blaze is optimized to find highly diverse lead-like structures from a database of many millions of compounds using a high performance computing cluster.

Blaze SaaS integrates with Forge

Blaze SaaS gives you a pay-as-you-go way to access Blaze without the hardware overhead. You can use it directly with a web browser, from Forge or Torch, our desktop applications or as part of a workflow using KNIME or Pipeline Pilot.

Either way, you rent Blaze to run the search on millions of commercially available compounds using Cresset’s hardware. This streamlines your internal processes, making it possible to access powerful computing resources with no set-up costs.

Demo version available online now

To give you a better idea of how the service works, we have created a demo version of Blaze SaaS. This free version is available via the cloud and can be accessed in minutes. It is fully functional giving you the opportunity to see Blaze in action on a very small database; a subset of our extensive, curated database of available compounds.

Register here for access to the Blaze demo server.

Cost effective virtual screening

Blaze SaaS delivers excellent value since you only pay for what you use. Unlike many cloud based solutions, we include all the calculation costs within the project fee, enabling you to complete your project without any surprises. The per-project usage is an added convenience for contract research organizations in that product usage becomes a consumable, simplifying the process of billing clients.

A key benefit for many customers is that you do not need to invest in or gain access to computing hardware, manage software, download compound collections or carry out any of the other steps required to perform effective virtual screening. Cresset’s software and hardware provide all the infrastructure that you need to get new hits for your project with the minimal amount of fuss.

Using Blaze SaaS you will be able to generate an almost unlimited number of hits. We will store your results for up to two full years, so you can always come back to your discarded results later if needed.

Protecting your compounds and data

The security of your data is of paramount importance to us. Compound structures and their associated data are the prime assets of our industries and we guarantee the security of your proprietary data. We are happy to set up legal agreements as required.

When you use Blaze SaaS we create a secure personal server with your own login and a secure URL dedicated to your own company. The server will only exist for the duration of your project and will only be accessible while you need it.

The flexibility to include your own corporate collections

We also offer the ability to include your own corporate collections available for your searches. You may wish to carry out a search solely on your corporate collection, or to combine this with our dataset. This bespoke service can be tailored precisely to your requirements. Contact our Consulting Services team for more information.

Try the free demo version today

Blaze SaaS is cost-effective, flexible and secure. It lets you search millions of commercially available compounds from your desktop. There are no infrastructure implications and it can be accessed in minutes. Contact us to arrange a demo.

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